The old saying of “it’s not what you know, but who you know” rings true especially in network recruitment. Through our established corporate network we successfully place candidates with established careers in roles best suited to their experience and work-culture fit.

There is the traditional model of search, which is widely practiced by stock standard recruitment agencies. We are not that. We consider our competitive advantage to be our professional qualifications as well as our unique methodology which is superior in process in the sense that we employ scientifically validated methods.

Our approached is tailored to client specific requirements, including:

  • Recruitment and Head-hunting of scarce and sought-after candidates within the Remuneration, Rewards, Compensation, Benefits, Payroll and Executive HR Arena.
  • Recruitment in all industries including FMCG, Financial, Mining, Automotive, Public and Private sectors.
  • Creating or reviewing job profile, job analysis, psychological profile of ideal candidate and detailed pre-search process.
  • Extensive network of established talent, headhunting candidates with proven effectiveness, in addition to seamless use of traditional means of search.
  • Science-based assessments in order to ensure methodical selection. Recruitment is conducted by qualified and registered Industrial Psychologists, using evidence-based personality profiling, testing of performance related matrixes, psychological and competency testing to ensure scientific validated approach to finding talent.
  • Best matching through optimal balance between job profile, experience and personality to achieve the best corporate culture fit. Ultimately aimed at achieving higher job satisfaction, productivity, employee engagement and retention.

We charge a standard rate of 15% on the successful candidates’ total cost to company per annum. The client is invoiced the day the candidates starts and is only due 30 days from invoice date.

The placement fee has a 3-month guarantee where, should the candidate leave due to certain circumstances as outlined in our terms of business, we will replace the candidate, free of charge.

The work-permit facilitation cost depends entirely upon the individual’s current status in South Africa and will be quoted on before the placement is confirmed.

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